Polluting The Unnatural Environment

This is an actual recruiter email I received (names redacted). I receive similar emails at least once a week.

As much as I despise mass marketing because it pushes the costs of your marketing onto your prospective customers, the industry, and society at large, I get why it is a thing that is not going away soon. But this is just lazy and wasting everyone’s time. Now their domain is going to get marked as spam, no developer will get a paid gig, more developers are going to stop looking at such emails altogether, their company won’t get a commission, and their client won’t get the programming expert they need.

Just because you can’t (or won’t) quantify the cost of your activity does not mean that it is free, and even if it somehow free to you doesn’t mean that you aren’t stealing those resources from someone else. The natural world is not the only environment that can get polluted.

The previous is a small (and admittedly petty) example of a problem I see at companies I have worked for and in the world at large. Everyday we are inundated with ads for <<insert_product>> made just for <<insert_name>>; it is bad for us as a society, and bad for industry. We pour ever more resources into stealing attention without creating more value not because it is somehow efficient, but because our current system is bad at addressing tragedy of the commons problems. I hope whatever arises as for society that it includes the proper infrastructure to solve such issues.

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