What is leadership? You lead, people follow, right?

To me it is a little more complex. Given the right title and enough force anyone can compel others to their will, but true leadership is something different. If people follow you only because you might hurt them or they might lose their job you’re not so much a leader as a you are a manager of human resources; and I mean that in the most derogatory way possible. To me leadership is creating a character and a narrative so compelling that others choose to follow without the threat of force.

True leadership is rare; when a man or woman embodies the shared story of those who would choose to follow. It is not the selfish act of building an empire for oneself, even if as a side affect it accidentally benefits others, but that of building prosperity for the tribe with intention. The true leader does not fear true democracy. They are not concerned that their followers may choose to follow another.

So yes, a leader leads and followers follow, but there is so much more to it than that.

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